Book New, Ideal Clients Without Answering Your Phone

(an Introvert’s Delight)

Stop missing out on clients, money, and peace of mind.

It’s okay that you hate answering your phone – I do too. Without a system in place to manage your client inquiries, though, you might be missing out on ideal clients. If you do give in and answer it, you might get bombarded with robocalls, or find yourself having a client call in the produce aisle at the grocery store.

However, there is a way to never miss out on an ideal client again because you hate answering your phone. You can still be an introvert and book the clients who want to work with YOU.

The Introvert's Guide to a Simplified Practice:

Book New, Ideal Clients Without Answering Your Phone Or Responding To Emails

Dread returning voicemails? Feel like you can’t keep up with potential client inquiries? Dropping the ball on managing your practice? How would it feel to have a simple and clear way for potential clients to reach out to you, and have that process automated so that all you have to do to schedule a new client is hop on the phone for a consultation? That’s what this course is all about!

How Many Times Has This Happened To You?

It’s the end of the day and you’ve just finished with your last client. You’re ready to get home for some of that self-care you’ve promised to yourself. But you glance at your phone and you see 8 missed calls and 5 voicemails on your business line.

Your client load is lower than you would like, and you’re afraid that you may miss out on some new clients if you’re not diligent about returning calls. You can see a large chunk of your evening disappearing right before your eyes.

You get home at 6:45pm and begin returning calls. The first call you return goes to voicemail, and the voicemail box is full. So you make a note to try to call again tomorrow. You are able to reach the second caller, but they share that they have already booked with a therapist they spoke with right after they left you a message.

You are also able to reach the third caller, and have a 20 minute phone consultation with them and book them! Woo hoo! It’s 7:15, your family wants to sit and have dinner with you, you’re hungry, they’re hungry, and you still have two more voicemails to return.

This scenario has been happening for months and you’re tired, but you don’t know what else to do. You are the only person in your business, and you aren’t ready to hire someone. Why not let automation and technology take the administrative work off your hands?

Cindy Norton, LMFT

Hi! I’m Cindy, a therapist in private practice who likes to ignore her phone. All jokes aside, I created a system so that I could still book ideal clients without having to be tied to my phone.

I don’t want you to feel torn like I did when I was starting my practice – needing new clients, yet hiding from my phone. Some of you may think this sounds ridiculous – not answering my phone when I need new clients. However, there are those of you who get it. Those who are just like me with their aversion to answering their phone. So this is for you!

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind talking on the phone. I really enjoy my phone consultations with potential clients. However, I didn’t enjoy feeling like I had to be at the beck and call of my business phone 24/7 just in case a potential client was calling. And when my phone did ring, it was at the most inconvenient times – while I’m in line at the grocery store, when I’m with a client, or when I’m 45 minutes into watching Dead Files and I am about to find out if the family should leave their haunted house, or if they can get rid of the spirits and stay.

When a potential client is on the other end of the phone, I want to give them my undivided attention and the support that they deserve. I’m unable to do this at random times throughout the day. By implementing this system, I am able to give potential clients the support they need at a time that I’m available and prepared.

This system has been a game changer for my private practice, and I think it will be for yours too.

Save Time

No more playing phone tag, reaching full mailboxes, or finding yourself 8 threads deep in an email chain just trying to find a good time to chat with a potential client.

Avoid Scams & Telemarketers

How can you get phone scammed if you never answer your phone? Therapists are being targeted by scammers, and losing thousands. Save yourself the stress and annoyance.

Save Money

By getting back some of your time, you are saving/making money. You can easily save an hour of your time each week by implementing this system. How much is your time worth? 

Have Peace Of Mind

Your time, money, and well-being is precious. Take back your life and don’t let your practice run you. You can book new clients on your time.

Let's Do The Math...

By implementing this system I save a minimum of 4 hours per month. That’s 4 glorious hours that I’m not answering my phone, listening to voicemails, playing phone tag, or responding to emails. What would you do with your 4 extra hours each month? If I replaced those 4 hours with clients, I would be bringing in over $700 extra per month, which is well over the cost of this course. And by seeing 4 more of my ideal clients each month (instead of worrying about my phone) – that’s $8,000+ each year. With this course you can build your practice around your life, instead of building your life around your practice.

Who Is This Course For?

This online course is for ALL private practice therapists, but is especially helpful for the Introverts and HSPs/HSTs (Highly Sensitive Persons/Highly Sensitive Therapists) like myself. Consultants, coaches, and anyone else in the helping or healing professions that provide one-on-one services to their ideal clients are a great fit for this course as well.

This course is for you if you:
-don’t like answering your phone
-feel like you can’t keep up with new client inquiries
-hate returning voicemails
-are dropping the ball on managing client inquiries
-are an Introvert or Highly Sensitive Therapist
-would like better fit clients
-don’t feel like returning calls at the end of a long day with clients
-would like to funnel all new client inquiries through a single entry point
-would like to spend less time on administrative work

What's Included In This Course?






Overview of Systems


Introduction to Workflow


Phone Consultation Guide


Online Appointment Scheduling Software






Practice Management Software




G Suite


Bonus Lesson for Highly Sensitive Therapists

I'm So Glad You're Here

If you’re still with me, I want to let you know how much I appreciate you. If you’re here, it probably means that you love being a therapist and are looking for ways to ensure that you are taking care of yourself and not getting burnt out  – so that you can continue to do this work for many years to come. Being a therapist is so rewarding, but managing a business all on your own takes a lot of time and effort. Let technology do some of the work for you, so that you can focus on what you do best.

– Cindy