There are so many resources, products, and services that will make your journey into private practice easier, more productive, and informative. Check out the recommendations below to be both prepared and successful in your endeavor. Please note that some of the recommendations contain affiliate links (thanks for supporting me!).


Managing your practice is a breeze with the right practice management software. I absolutely love using Simple Practice! And the name certainly delivers. With the professional package you are able to keep records on an unlimited number of clients, send automated appointment reminders to clients, have integrated credit card processing, submit insurance claims with electronic filing, allow online appointment booking, and much more. By clicking here you can get a free 30-day trial + a $50 credit should you decide to sign up.

Open Path

Are you looking for a way to provide affordable mental health services, but don’t want the hassle of managing a sliding scale system? If so, Open Path is for you. This wonderful collective of therapists are dedicated to providing a certain number of spots in their practice at a reduced rate to clients in need. It’s free for therapists to join, and you get to choose how many reduced rate spots you will reserve in your practice for Open Path clients. Some therapists may only reserve one spot, while others will offer more. Click this link to become an Open Path therapist.

Building Your Ideal Private Practice

Building Your Ideal Private Practice is a classic, and is one of the most highly recommended practice-building books. In this book Lynn Grodzki coaches and supports therapists on their private practice journey, no matter what stage of development they are in. There are checklists, exercises, and case examples to help you improve your mindset and increase your knowledge of the business side of private practice. I revisit this book often to find support at different stages of growth. I’ve found it very helpful, and I know you will too. Order your copy today.


My business cards are pretty sweet if I do say so myself. I’m always getting compliments on their shape, design, and feel. MOO does an excellent job and only produces high quality products. If you want to stand out, you’ve got to get these cards. I personally order the square business cards with the rounded edges. I also hand out the mini cards to colleagues so they can pass them along for referrals. Click here to receive 20% off your first order. While you are ordering, be sure to add a free sample pack so that you can experience many of the products that MOO has to offer.

Abundance Party

The Abundance Party is a monthly membership site for therapists who want to grow their practice. For a monthly fee of $39, you get access to courses, trainings, and a supportive community – with new content being added monthly. If you know anything about the amazing Allison Puryear of Abundance Practice Building, you know this party is going to be rocking! You will learn about marketing fundamentals, get scripts and templates to help you get clients, and find support to hone in on your niche. What are you waiting for? Join me in the AbunDANCE Party!

Being Seen

Being Seen is a new therapist directory that I just love! It’s a great model that will ensure that you are Being Seen in your area, as the number of profiles are limited based on the population of your city. This means that your profile will not get lost on page 397. Being Seen provides membership incentives and is less expensive than other therapist directories. Yearly membership is $100 for members of Open Path, and there’s a satisfaction guarantee so there’s nothing to lose. Click this link to secure your spot on Being Seen.

Profit First

The book Profit First has changed my life. That’s quite a statement, but listen up. Even as someone who is educated in business matters, when I opened my practice, I was still unsure of what exactly to do with my money. I knew that I needed to put back some money for taxes, but what do I do with the rest? How do I pay myself? After reading this book, all my questions were answered and I felt confident in managing the financial matters of my business. With well over 600 reviews, and still at a five star rating, you know this book is good. Order your copy today.


Flywheel is my top choice for website hosting! It’s custom built for the WordPress platform. You get fast load times, a free SSL certificate so that your site is secure for visitors, and nightly backups so you can rest easy knowing that your beautiful site is safe. All clients are on VPS – not shared – servers. Flywheel knows WordPress! And, not to mention, they have a beautifully designed user interface. Host your awesome WordPress site here!

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