Old School Financial Spreadsheet

Easily Keep Track of Income and Expenses in Your Private Practice

Want an easy and simple way to keep track of income and expenses in your private practice? This beautifully designed spreadsheet is all you need to successfully manage your business finances.

Why do I use an old school spreadsheet to track the finances in my private practice?

For one, it’s how I started and old habits die hard.

All joking aside, I really use this system because it gives me the opportunity to keep a close eye on my finances and make adjustments when necessary.

I’m all about automation, but when it comes to my finances I’m a manual entry type person.

Like other therapists I enjoy the ability to have automated systems in place, but this is my one exception to automation.

There are many of you who probably have your business bank account and business credit card linked to an accounting software so that everything is updated automatically. There’s nothing wrong with this.

In fact, automation may be the best choice for some in regards to their finances. But not for me.

This Old School Financial Spreadsheet isn’t for everyone.

It’s for us rebels and inquisitive types that want to know exactly what is coming into and going out of our business.

What You Get

Video Tutorial

I know! You know how to use a spreadsheet – so this is more of an introduction and overview of features.

Financial Summaries

You’ll be able to quickly see your monthly and yearly summaries of income and expenses.


Itemized Entries

200 line items for income and 100 line items for expenses, with the ability to add more. Keep accurate records with date, description, and amount.


Take into account credit card processing fees.

Mathematical Formulas

Carefully crafted formulas so you don’t have to do any math.

Charted Income & Expenses

Built-in line chart to automatically graph your income and expenses to easily see a visual representation of your finances for the year.


Expense Deductions

Common IRS expense categories included, so that you can ensure you are claiming all the appropriate deductions. Thanks to taxreceipts.com.


Custom Categories

Fully customizable categories for income and expenses to fit your practice.


Distribution Account Compatible

Whether you use Profit First, the Envelope System, or another method to distribute your money to different accounts, this spreadsheet has you covered.

Business Owners Who Love Their Old School Financial Spreadsheet

Cindy’s spreadsheet has been the single driving force in keeping me financially organized in my private practice. It is easy to use, allowing me to simply track all my income and expenses. It allows me to watch my money grow and to celebrate meeting my incremental financial goals. Before I started using Cindy’s spreadsheet I had no structure to managing my money and now it’s all the structure I need. It is one of the best tools I have to organize my private practice.

Lydia Kickliter, LPC

Therapy for Showing Up

Cindy’s Financial Spreadsheet may be old school but it is definitely not outdated. I’ve been muddling through my finances with a homemade and less than comprehensive spreadsheet for years. This makes everything so clear and simple. I’m sure my accountant will be thanking me in 2020. I highly recommend it for any business owner!

Martine Jones, PsyD

Hazel Tree Counseling

I run my entire business using Cindy’s financial spreadsheet with full confidence and ease. I really appreciate how organized it allows me to be throughout the year, and at tax time, and my accountant loves how the categories are broken down each month and annually.

Lisa Mazzonetto, LPC

Cindy’s Old School Financial Spreadsheet is awesome! I’ve known I need a system for my finances for a little while now, but learning a new complicated program had me procrastinating. Using the Old School Financial Spreadsheet that Cindy has put together has made the process simple, organized, and straightforward. As a business owner, I’m able to sleep better at night having a more intimate relationship with my finances.

Amber Morgan

Gazelle Strong, LLC

The Old School Financial Spread Sheet is a real game changer. It’s a clear and straightforward system that takes the overwhelm out of managing my finances. And it’s already saved me money by helping me track my expenses so closely!

Stacey Curnow, LPCA

Asheville Family Counseling

Cindy Norton, LMFT

Creator of the old school spreadsheet, here.

When I began my practice I was looking for a free and simple way to keep track of my income and expenses. I wasn’t yet ready to invest in accounting software. So I created a VERY basic spreadsheet. My spreadsheet worked great and did exactly what I needed it to do – record my income and expenses.

Over the years I’ve revised and adapted my spreadsheet, and made it much more visually appealing. (No one likes an ugly spreadsheet).

In the past, I’ve shared my spreadsheet with group members and coachees. A few said to me, “You should charge for this.” Another said, “Are you sure I don’t need to pay for this?” I took their advice to heart and significantly improved and modernized an otherwise retro computer application. And now it’s ready for you!

This spreadsheet helps me to keep my expenses in check.

For example, have you ever signed up for a subscription service and forgot about it? What about signing up for a free trial of something and forgetting to cancel before it ended?

If you have your finances automated, you may not catch on that you are being charged until a few months down the road, or until you decide to look at your statements, or until the end of the year when you are preparing your taxes.

You could unnecessarily be paying for items you don’t use or need in your practice.

When you are beginning your practice, it’s likely that you need to watch your money very carefully. I know I did! And I still do. This spreadsheet is here to help you do just that.

There’s something to be said for being intimately familiar with the finances in your business. All too often, therapists ignore their finances (for many reasons) and either get themselves in to financial trouble or are just unaware of the financial state of their practice.

Take the fear and uncertainty out of your money situation and become friends with your finances.

As I said before, this spreadsheet isn’t for everyone.

There are many therapists who have group practices, side businesses, and/or several additional revenue streams that just have too much volume to think about adopting a manual entry system.

But there are many busy therapists who currently use this spreadsheet – including myself – and find it to be exactly what we need to successfully manage our finances.

And, P.S. my accountant loves my spreadsheet!

Successfully Manage Finances In Your Private Practice

Once you purchase, you will receive immediate access to your Old School Financial Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers versions are available). You will also be provided with a collection of blog posts focused on financial topics in private practice.

Mountain Practice Journeys (spreadsheet)

Old School Financial Spreadsheet

Can non-therapists use this spreadsheet?

Of course! Anyone can use it. I just happen to be a therapist and mostly work with therapists, so that’s why I speak to them.

Is this spreadsheet 'accountant approved'?

It is by my accountant! And the accountants of two of my colleagues who have been using this spreadsheet along with me for several years. However, not all accountants are the same. So be sure to check with your accountant.

Do I have to buy a new spreadsheet each year?

No. You can use this spreadsheet every year. Be sure to save a master copy of your spreadsheet as soon as you receive it, then save copies for each year to start fresh.

Thanks for stopping by...

If you’re still with me, I want to let you know how much I appreciate you. If you’re here, it probably means that you love being a therapist and are looking for ways to better manage your private practice. I hope you find that the Old School Financial Spreadsheet helps you to keep on top of your finances and feel more confident managing your money.

– Cindy