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Monday Morning Motivation for Asheville Private Practice Therapists

Super-Affordable Small Group Support For Your Private Practice Business

When: Most Monday Mornings

What Time: 10:30am – 11:30am

Where: 34 Wall Street – 6th Floor

Who: AVL Private Practice Therapists

Why: I Wanna Help You

Cost: $15

How Many: Limited Availability

Need Motivation?

Do you lack the time and motivation to do the things necessary to move your private practice forward?

Want Support?

Would you like to share your thoughts and ideas about building your practice in a supportive environment?

Feel Stuck?

Do you have great ideas for your practice, but feel stuck when you go to implement them?

Desire Accountability?

Would you like to actually get shit done for your practice that has been sitting on your to-do list?

Lack Time?

Do you feel as though there’s not enough time to accomplish the tasks needed to grow your business?

Crave Knowledge?

Would you like to learn effective strategies for managing the business side of your practice?

Get Your Week Off To A Great Start

I understand the isolation that many private practice owners feel, and I understand the importance of connection and collaboration.

Consulting clients have remarked how helpful it has been to have me walk them through the tasks they have been dreading doing for their business – the tasks that they have put off due to intimidation or procrastination.

Feel more motivated, productive, and accomplished as a result of coming together with a small group of inspired therapists. And I’ll be there to guide you along the way.

Just think of all that you can accomplish for the week – on a Monday – before lunch!

All For The Cost Of Lunch

For the cost of lunch you can get an hour of focused support and guidance for the business side of your private practice.

…And, speaking of lunch, we may grab some after our meeting. Sorry, food sidetracked me.

Anyway, Monday Morning Motivation is equal parts coaching, consultation, collaboration, and co-working. I’ll be available for our entire time together as a consultant for whatever you bring to the meeting. We will all share ideas, support one another, and collaborate in a way that makes us the best practice owners we can be!

I hope you’ll join me!

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