A Mastermind for Private Practice Introverts & Highly Sensitive Therapists

A comfy, cozy space to support your private pay therapy practice and connect with kindred spirits who inspire you in designing, creating, and growing a practice that works with your nature as an introverted, sensitive person.

We focus on a high quality of life and a low number of clients, allowing you to be more present and balanced in both work and in life. By taking good care of yourself, you become better and more effective as a therapist and have an even greater impact on the world.

Private Membership Site

Forestmind is settled in a quiet and secluded online sanctuary, free from the distraction of social media, so that you can focus on what you need.

Yearly Membership Design

Forestmind is designed as a yearly membership, specifically with HSP’s and introverts in mind, to foster a close-knit and supportive community.

Limited Memberships Available

Forestmind has an intentionally small number of members for a cozy, enriching experience.

Launching in Fall 2021. More details coming soon. Join my seasonal newsletter for updates.

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