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COZY FOREST RETREAT: hygge for you & your business

Hygge /ˈh(y)o͞oɡə/ a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment and well-being.

Cindy (Mountain Practice Journeys) & Jane (Jane Carter Coaching) are over the moon happy to bring this retreat to life. We hope you’ll join us.

Thursday, November 17th - Saturday, November 19th

This ALL-INCLUSIVE fall retreat will be held at the stunning and tranquil Indigo Nature Retreat, tucked away in the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina.

This retreat is for helpers & healers with solo-businesses who want to slow down, do less, and learn to trust their intuition so they can create a business and life that they don’t need a retreat from.

You don’t want to “hustle,” “crush,” or “10x” anything; you want to feel clear in your business and relaxed in your body and mind.

Welcome to the Cozy Forest Retreat.


Retreat Participant

We believe your best business ‘aha’ moments come when you’re:

-staring at a crackling fire, not a glaring powerpoint presentation

curled up on a cozy couch sipping tea, not sitting in a folding chair at a conference table

-strolling through the woods along a murmuring creek, not stagnating under fluorescent lights

We believe your business thrives, not when your brain is crammed with new to-do lists and data, but when you have space to nourish your senses and reconnect with yourself.

You already have everything you need inside of yourself to create the business you want— you just need some quiet and stillness to be able to hear that inner voice.

We’ll help you create a plan for how to implement that intuitive change, not send you home with a binder crammed with random “shoulds” that you’re never going to look at again.

We want you to have a business that’s aligned with who you are and what you want. We want to help you simplify every aspect of your business, to create a plan for more clarity and ease.


Power down your computer, pack your coziest sweater and yoga pants, leave your makeup bag at home, and come into the woods with us.


Retreat Participant


Your investment covers an ALL-INCLUSIVE Into The Forest Retreat with:

  • professional coaching and thoughtful support for your business
  • catered gourmet meals
  • yoga and massage
  • intentional rest and relaxation
  • a goodie bag full of cozy surprises

Please note: space is limited to 5 attendees

All participants will receive:

– A 60-minute individual coaching session during the retreat (30 minutes with Cindy & 30 minutes with Jane)

– A Nurturing Change Follow-Up session after the retreat (group zoom meeting)


First 2 to sign up will receive:

– 2 full individual coaching sessions following the retreat (one session with Cindy and one session with Jane), a $900 value 

Schedule of Events

1:00pm – Arrival

The afternoon will consist of a warm welcome; a guided tour of the property; coffee, tea, & snacks; a welcome ceremony; and time for rest

3:30pm – Community Gathering, followed by a relaxing massage

The evening will consist of more rest; dinner & conversation; and a campfire chat

In the morning breakfast will be available at your leisure

9:30am – Gentle yoga, followed by a guided meditation

11:00am – Community Gathering & Mastermind

12:30pm – Lunch & Conversation

2:00pm – Community Gathering & Mastermind

The afternoon will consist of more rest; and a coffee/tea/snack break

4:00pm – Community Gathering

The evening will consist of more rest; dinner & conversation; and a campfire chat

In the morning breakfast will be available at your leisure

9:30am – Closing Ceremony

11:00am – Departure

Who is this for? How do I know if it’s a good fit for me?

This retreat is for you if you:

-need more introverting and coziness in your life

-are serving many roles, and desire calm and restoration

-are looking to do less and attract more in both business & life

-want to reduce burnout and overwhelm

-firmly reject the hustle and grind mentality

-want to stop listening to others in order to define your own success and happiness

Who is this not for?

-You’re looking for “5 quick tips to get a million dollar biz–quick!”

-You want to leave with a crowded binder full of detailed “shoulds” and one-size-fits-all formulas for business success.

-Quiet reflection “sounds boooooring”. “Just tell me what to do!” 

The Cozy Forest retreat is the weekend before Thanksgiving; is this just going to add to my overwhelm?

We believe this retreat is the perfect start to your week off from work. Having time to “power down” and reflect on your business in a calm, relaxing space means you’ll enter the holiday season feeling refreshed and with more clarity and perspective (something we all need before potentially hectic times with family, right?).

This is a big investment for my business. Are we going to be learning how to make a profitable business, or just reflecting?

In addition to comfort, the retreat includes expert instruction from two business coaches, individual coaching opportunities, and focus on simplifying your business in a way that will make your business thrive (i.e. the goal is to create more money & time for your effort).

As a professional development activity, your retreat-fee and travel expenses are also Tax Deductible.

*While our intention is for this retreat to pay for itself many times over, if all you get from the retreat is to feel refreshed and relaxed, we think that would be worth it!

You said this is for “calm” and “introverting”: can I come if I’m an extrovert?

Even extroverts need to do some “introverting” at times! While we hope all will enjoy the spirit of quiet and rest, everyone is welcome to come reflect, learn, and “power down” in nature. (And don’t worry – we’ll have times of connection and conviviality to feed your people-loving spirit!).

I’m *really* introverted. Will I get the alone-time I need to recharge, even in a community retreat?

We see you: You’re an innie, not an outie. Because space is limited to 5 participants, you’re less likely to get overwhelmed like you might at a big conference. We’ll have designated “no-talk” spaces, and you’re always welcome to step away for a walk in the woods, a sit by the creek, or a nap in your cabin if you don’t want to gather with the group.

You said we’ll be in cabins in the woods. Are these musty, weathered spaces? (Do I need to bring extra allergy medication and long underwear so I don’t freeze)?

The Indigo Nature Retreat is newly-built, clean, and climate-controlled. Bird Nest Cabins are simple but not spartan; their spa-like, understated elegance is designed to help you feel close to nature (not at the mercy of nature!).


Retreat Participant


We’ll gather at the tranquil Indigo Nature Retreat in Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina, with elegant bird nest cabins tucked away among the relaxing sounds of the nearby creek. Each cabin is clean and climate controlled, with a private porch, mini-fridge, coffee/tea maker, and personal fire pit. 

Common areas include a Yoga/Meditation space, and central Lodge with fireplace, cozy couches for gathering, and patio porch.

About your Bird Nest Cabin…

Featuring two twin beds, one of which is a loft twin, the other being a wrap around sofa that converts into a twin. Each cabin has two sitting areas, a mini fridge, coffee maker, heat and air conditioning.

Please note there is no running water or bathroom facilities in the units, however the community barn is less than 100 ft. away. The community barn features 2 full bathrooms (including showers), community kitchen, and indoor dining area.

Join Us On The Cozy Forest Retreat

Spots are truly limited for this tranquil retreat, so submit your application soon and we’ll be in touch.

Meet Your Hosts




Retreat Participant

“Life sucks a lot less when you add mountain air, a campfire, and some peace and quiet.” – Brooke Hampton

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