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Here in Episode 50 I share how you can grow your business by repelling customers.

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Episode 50 Transcript


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Hello there, and welcome back to the Mountain Practice Journeys podcast! I’m your host, Cindy. Here in Episode 50 I’m going to share how you can grow your business by repelling customers.

This is somewhat of a continuation of Episode 47 where I talk about why losing followers and subscribers is good for your business, so be sure to listen to that episode before you dig into this one.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that if you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. Or, you can’t be everything to everyone, but you can be something to someone.

I believe that when you speak to everyone, or when you try to be everything to everyone, you dilute your magick. I mean, you can’t not diminish who you are when you try to please everyone. Your special brand of magick is potent medicine to your people, but not everyone is going to get it. And that’s okay.

The more clear you get, and the more of your true self you become, the more true fans you will get. But in order to do this you need to repel those who are not going to be your true fans. This isn’t to say that people with massive followings don’t have a lot of true fans, because they do – but they likely have a massive amount of people who don’t care for them either.

I challenge you to show me someone who is even remotely well-known and prove that everyone loves them and everything they have to say about their given specialty. It’s not going to happen. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and, as you’ve likely noticed, they’re not afraid to share them.

So, you’re going to have to risk turning people off, or repelling people, or – heaven forbid – offending people, in order to truly shine.

Many of us stay stuck, or small, or general, or boring, for fear of offending someone. When you have something of value to say, there’s going to be someone (or many someones) who don’t like it. But, you know what? At least you’ve said something of value. At least you’ve said something that really resonates with someone and helps them along their path.

Don’t keep yourself small, and don’t deny who you are, in order to please others. You have something to say that will help others. Don’t let your fear get in the way of putting your much needed work out into the world.

In my own experience, I was able to reach my own version of success only after losing followers and subscribers, because those who remained were my true fans who needed my own special brand of magick.

Once you let go of the need to be liked by everyone, you can truly be free to do the work you were meant to do in this world.

I honestly believe that by staying small, not living in your truth, and letting the opinions of others dictate how you show up, that you are depriving the world of your healing.

Who you are, who you are meant to be in this world, needs to come out and shine. The longer you deny this truth, the stronger it becomes.

The process of becoming is not always pleasant or easy. Think of a snake shedding its skin to become an even clearer version of itself. Imagine if the snake never let go of the skin that it so desperately needed to shed. It would just end up surrounded by a gross pile of dead skin, keeping it stuck and its vision clouded.

Don’t become this gross pile of dead skin with a confused snake inside of it. Do the uncomfortable but necessary work of becoming who you know that you were meant to be. You’ll be grateful that you did.

ACORN (Tarot Card Pull)

Welcome to the acorn segment. With each solo episode I’ll be drawing a tarot card to help provide some magickal inspiration and insight.

The card for this episode is the Knight of Swords.

I’ll describe the card for those of you who may not be familiar. The card features an armored Knight on horseback, running through a desert landscape, with a cloudy blue sky in the background.

I interpret this card in two different ways, depending upon the situation, so I trust that you will choose the interpretation that resonates most with you at this time.

One way of reading this card is to encourage you to stop waiting around for something to happen and to take action. And if I were to take note of the topic of this episode and apply it to this card, I would ask you to step into your power, take up space, and move forward with your healing message, no matter what anyone has to say about it.

Another interpretation of this card is for you to slow down. This is for those of you who are rushing through life and who are absolutely terrified to rest and to be alone with your thoughts. You are burnt out and your health is suffering as a result. You keep waiting for things to settle down, and then you’ll take care of yourself. Or when you reach a certain milestone or point in time – that’s when you’ll get off insurance panels, or change your schedule, or book that vacation, or make time for meditation, or blah, blah, blah. If this sounds familiar, this is your wake up call. Slow down, or you will be forced to slow down because your body will revolt and force you to rest, likely in a not so pleasant way.

The beautiful message from this card is that you don’t have to earn rest. It is your birthright. So take it. Also, you don’t need permission to step into your power and move forward. Go for it. You were meant for this.

And you don’t have to choose only one of these messages. There may be parts of both that resonate with you. Take what you need and leave the rest.

I’ll post a picture of the card along with the message today on my instagram @mountainpracticejourneys so head on over and let me know if this message resonates with you at this time.


Thank you so much for joining me today. This episode concludes Season 5 of the Mountain Practice Journeys podcast. I’ll be taking a 3 week break and will be back before you know it with a wonderful Season 6 filled with helpful topics and inspiring guests.


I’m truly grateful that you choose to join me here for practical, nature-based, magickal support for your business and life. For more inspiration and to see what I’m up to, join me over on instagram @mountainpracticejourneys If you’re enjoying yourself here, please head over to Apple Podcasts and hit those 5 stars and I’ll be over the moon. And if you’d like to work with me, join me in Forestmind, my cozy, small-group mastermind for private practice introverts, highly sensitive therapists, and solopreneurs who help and heal. May the forest be with you.

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